That stupid moment when…

Mummy?  Check.  Cat?  Check.

We’re in ancient Egypt.



  1. that stupid moment-when you look up instructions on how to edit your comments section on WordPress and follow the directions exactly, but still can’t find what it says! Defluo, do you know how to change the comments prompt?


    1. Sure! When you first get on WP, go to ‘My Sites’ and then ‘WP Admin’ at the bottom of the menu. Then click ‘Discussion’ which is under ‘Settings’ in *that* menu. Scroll all the way down and it’s under the heading ‘Comment Form.’ Don’t forget to save the changes!


      1. Thanks! Ugh! Still trying to work around this mobile version (or I need a mobile version, but nevermind), so all I can really do from here is check notifications. Um, I actually got on the WP forums and asked as well. Because when I did like you suggested (actually, it was “settings” then “discussion” not “WP admin” for me, fyi) either the bottom never loaded or it isn’t on my account, but someone gave me a link and I changed it that way. I will save the link, but still weird why I couldn’t see it before. Anyway,

        oh I feel awkward for making my page private. I know I shouldn’t. It is my right and for now I just want to somewhat know who I am writing to, but hope you don’t mind me still following you. And I really would like to get something going where I can get more feedback on my writing, like specific critique with my writing, but until I figure out my blog specific goals, I am keeping it under wraps. (Fyi for you and your followers 🙂 )


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