The Exercise Program

That stupid moment when…

Someone should really warn this guy that doing jumping jacks in a sweater isn’t the best idea.



  1. Hey there! My name is Ben, and I’m a fourteen year old aspiring comedian. I’m a big fan of your blog. I happen to have my own growing humor blog, and I was wondering if you might let me feature on your site. And if there’s anything I can do for you, just say the word.

    Let me know
    -Ben of


    1. Hi Ben! I checked out your blog, and I’d love to let you contribute something. I don’t know if you’re aware, but I have another humor blog ( I post longer pieces on rather than just the shorter caption/picture bits I have here. Since you write pieces of a similar length, you might find a more appropriate audience there – just be aware that Theory of Zombies has fewer followers than this blog does, so you might not reach as many people. Get a feel for my other blog and let me know your decision, and I’ll send you an invitation to become a contributor!

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      1. Defluo,
        Thank you so much for this! I’d be willing to feature on either of your fantastic sites, but as you said, my writing style might better fit Theory of Zombies than your shorter caption blog. I usually choose my most popular post on my site to feature, which, right now, is the one titled “Is This Efficiency?” If you think it would make more sense for me to contribute to your smaller site, that’s alright, but if you think that this post might fit on your main blog, naturally, that’s better for me. Send me an invitation to one of them, and know that I’d be honored to contribute either way. Thanks,


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